Hide Time Tracking

Hide or make read-only “Time Tracking“ information base on user rules(groups/roles/users).


  1. Select the “Time Tracking“ field in the Issue Fragment tab and apply the rule like “Project” and “User Rule”.


2. Select any “User Rule” like group, role, and any user and publish the rule.



3. Field Hide App hides time tracking information from the following places:

  • Time Tracking panel of the Issue page

  • Work Log tab of the Issue page

  • Estimation related fields from “Available Column” of issue navigator and gadgets.

  • Original and Remaining estimate inputs fields (Issue edit page and create page)

  • Issue search page

  • Project activity stream of the project detail page

  • User activity stream of the user profile page

  • Activity stream gadget of the dashboard page

  • History tab of the issue view page

  • Activity tab of the issue view page

  • Hide time tracking information in issue navigator with a basic and advanced search

  • Hide time tracking information in issue navigator with details and list view

  • Hide time tracking Forecast & Management reports.

→ Hide time tracking information on the issue view page.

Hide estimate released fields on the issue navigator view page.

Hide time tracking reports form project report page.