Hide Custom Fields

Prerequisite: Need to disable batching mode for email notification

To disable  batch mode for email notification:

Go to System menu => Click on Batching email notifications => Click on disable and save it

Note: We are working on a solution to support the “Batching Email Notification“. Meanwhile, please use the above settings.

  1. Select “Custom Field” and apply the rule like “Project”, “Issue Type” and “Status”.

Note: Status is not applicable for the create issue screen.


2. Select one user rule and It can be group or role or user.


3. Select the issue screens where you want to hide the custom field.


4. Click on “Publish Rule“ and it shows a success message.


5. Budget Field is hidden from view and edit screen as per published rule.

Hide the custom field from the issue view screen.

→ Hide the history of the custom field in the published rule.

→ Skip email notification of custom fields for published rules